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Note: The purpose of this document is to be able to quickly bring a LLM up to speed on this project. I think it is useful to have a project goals & style document like this to enable you to quickly re-establish critical context when necessary.

OER Textbook Project Synopsis: Writing 5 for ESL Students

Project Overview

This project aims to create an Open Educational Resource (OER) textbook for Writing 5, the second most advanced level writing class in the English Language Institute (ELI) at the University of Pittsburgh. The textbook will be designed to better align with the curriculum’s goals and student learning outcomes than the current commercial textbook in use.

Target Audience

Course Content and Goals

Key Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Write original five-paragraph essays (650-900 words) using various rhetorical patterns
  2. Synthesize and cite information from sources for secondary research
  3. Use grammar and vocabulary appropriate to the level accurately
  4. Identify and correct errors in sentences, paragraphs, and essays
  5. Revise paragraphs and essays effectively

Project Approach

AI Integration and Attribution

Project Goals and Motivation

Development Process

  1. Author to define skills and provide input on each skill
  2. LLMs to draft initial content (explanations, examples, exercises)
  3. Author to revise and refine all content to fit professional judgment and vision
  4. Ongoing use of LLMs as a “sounding board” for refining project strategies
  5. Course materials will be saved in .md files which are to be drafted in a manner compliant with the CommonMark specification.
  6. Utilities yet to be determined (possibly Pandoc) will perform the synthesis and typesetting necessary for the Markdown files to be deployed in diverse, flexible output formats

Style And Output Guidelines

This OER textbook project aims to create a tailored, high-quality resource for ESL writing students, leveraging the author’s extensive teaching experience and the capabilities of AI tools, while maintaining a strong emphasis on human oversight and pedagogical expertise.

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