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Let’s Demystify AI and Take Initiative: A Workshop By and For Educators

Bill Price, with AI assistance


Generative AI has exploded into the public consciousness over the last year and a half, including text-based tools such as ChatGPT and image-based tools such as DALL·E. However, many educators remain unsure of how (or whether) to make use of this new class of tools. If we adopt a “wait-and-see” stance to these emerging tools, however, we risk surrendering our professional initiative to people unfamiliar with the classroom environment, such as policymakers and commercial interests.

In this workshop, I argue that we as educators can improve our working conditions (and our students’ learning conditions) if we engage in personal, direct, open exploration of generative AI tools. By the end of this workshop, I hope you will have a stronger understanding of what generative AI tools are; how they work; and how to explore their uses in your educational praxis.

Presentation by “Artificial Guest Speaker”

First slide of AI presentation

From Hesitation to Action

Dipping Our Toes In

Our Role as Professionals

Interactive Demo & Hands-On Exploration

Live Demonstrations

We will briefly visit these four resources:

Based on prior request, we will explore these specific prompts as time allows:

Hands-on Exploration


Additional Resources

Prompt engineering and repositories

Chat-Based Generative AI Tools (as of March 2024)

Commercial (online)

Open-Source (offline)

Image-Based Generative AI Tools