Upcoming ELI technology workshops!

After surveying my colleagues, I’ve put together the following provisional workshop schedule for the fall semester:

  • 10/10/14: Conducting “game-show style” activities, quizzes, and games using Kahoot
  • 10/24/14: Using online video resources and vocabulary profilers in ESL courses
  • 11/07/14: Collecting and assessing spoken work digitally—without using the computer lab

The first workshop focuses on Kahoot!; the second focuses on a plethora of video websites (especially TED.com) and the vocabulary profilers at lextutor.ca; and the third focuses on using Google Voice in the classroom.

I’m excited!

Quizlet workshop in the University of Pittsburgh English Language Insitute

Hello, Futurenauts!

Not long ago, I posted the 11 ways Quizlet.com can supercharge your teaching. I wanted to share this material with my colleagues in the University of Pittsburgh English Language Institute, so I held a brown-bag lunch workshop to demonstrate the many uses of Quizlet and show how to make and share new card sets. You can see the workshop below!

Holding workshops like this one is one of my favorite parts of my job as Technology Coordinator. Stay tuned for more!

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