ELI Computer Lab Class: Week 3 – typing.com

Today’s post is about typing.com!

As its name suggests, typing.com is a website which helps you learn how to type properly on a US English keyboard. The website is free, and it offers a few dozen sequential tutorials that guide you from the most basic beginner-level practice (F, J, and Space) up to advanced-level full-keyboard speed and accuracy drills. Students can create accounts to track their progress and earn achievement badges.

Typing is an important skill for ESL/EFL students due to the amount of typed work they may be expected to produce in classes as well as their later careers. It’s also a necessary skill to enable students to confidently tackle standardized exams (such as the TOEFL and GRE) which require that students type original compositions under time pressure.

So check it out!

ELI Computer Lab Class: Week 2 – Quizlet

Today’s post is about Quizlet!

Quizlet.com is a free website which helps learners to study. I’ve written about it previously.

Over the years, many Quizlet sets have been created by ELI teachers. See them below!

Level 3


Level 3 Core Vocabulary

Reading 3 (some odd units)

Listening 3 (odd units)

Listening 3 (even units)


Level 4


Level 4 Core Vocabulary

Reading 4 (some odd units)

Reading 4 (even units)

Listening 4 (even units)


Level 5


Level 5 Core Vocabulary

Reading 5

Level 6


Level 6 Core Vocabulary

Reading 6