My new tech toy for grading: Samson Go Mic

As someone who teaches a lot of speaking classes, I need to record a lot of spoken feedback for my students, especially with regard to pronunciation. Until now, I’ve always used low-quality headset mics, but I’ve decided to invest in a better microphone. I settled on the Samson Go Mic because of its excellent reviews, its tiny size and portability, and its moderate price.

I (haphazardly) clipped it to the arm of a camera tripod, positioned it near my mouth, set it to a cardioid recording pattern with a -10 dB pad, and gave it a shot:


I did a little bit of noise reduction in Audacity, but it barely needed it.

This isn’t exactly a studio-quality setup, but considering I spent thirty-something bucks instead of several hundred, I’m very happy! This is a huge improvement over the level of quality I used to record at.

I’ve also ordered a pop filter and a dedicated desktop microphone stand, so the camera tripod should get to resume its normal duties soon enough! 🙂

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