The coolest math game I’ve ever seen: SineRider!

This just popped up on /r/edtech, the educational technology community I moderate. And it’s amazing.

SigmaEpsilonChi developed a math game in the “sled/line rider” genre called SineRider. I’ll let the album tell the story:

How amazing is that? You design a function which will help the sledder safely navigate through a puzzle. JUST LOOK AT IT:

I can hardly type coherently right now. I’m bowled over. Flummoxed.

I, too, remember the subtle joy of plugging weird functions into a graphing calculator to see what you could come up with. But I never would have imagined turning the graph into a dynamic playing field for a physics-based puzzle game.

It’s just so beautiful.

There’s actual educational value here, too. Each scenario builds upon the previous one to introduce a new way to manipulate a function. For example, the first level only requires you to type in a single constant number to generate a flat, horizontal line. Subsequent levels introduce linear functions, quadratic functions, functions including time variables, and so on.

Amazing work, SigmaEpsilonChi!

Here’s the download link:

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