Alas, poor Nexus! I knew him, Google; a fellow of infinite joy, of most excellent pixels!

My poor Nexus 7
Alas, my poor Nexus 7

An occupational hazard of owning a small, high-tech device is knowing that just one nasty fall or plunge might be sufficient to turn your digital companion into a hunk of scrap metal.

A few days ago, my Nexus 7 had the misfortune of taking a bit of a bath. But all might not be lost! Although the tablet was obviously nonfunctional at the moment I rescued it, there are plenty of stories of devices surviving an accidental immersion once they’re properly cleaned up and dried out.

To that end, I consulted a teardown guide, got the case cracked open, and unplugged the battery as quickly as possible. I did a more thorough disassembly later in the evening, soaked the motherboards in some 90% isopropyl alcohol to dissolve any sediments and drive out any remaining liquid water, and then set everything out to dry for a few days.

I plan to do a thorough dusting with canned air this evening, reassemble the tablet, and try to boot it back up.

I’m learning about tablet disassembly and repair, regardless of the outcome. And if nothing else, this tablet was very fairly priced and had a good, healthy, enjoyable life. I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth.

If it doesn’t boot up, what then? The main thing I’m worried about is the future of the Nexus line. Google I/O came and went without any Nexus device announcements. The oft-rumored Nexus 8 is still nowhere to be seen, and it feels like no one is even talking about the possibility of a Nexus 7 refresh anymore.

According to all the buzz, Google wants to move away from smaller tablets and push more into full-size iPad territory. The problem is that I would really prefer not to get a larger tablet. I loved the Nexus 7 because its 1920 * 1200 resolution is perfect for watching HD video, and its 4.72″ width was just slim enough to fit in my front pocket, even with a leather case attached.

If I do end up needing a new tablet, I’ll have to check the market carefully to see what newer alternatives to the Nexus 7 there may be which preserve the same slim form-factor.

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