Transferring Photos and Videos Off Your iPad

This guest post by Miguel Guhlin was previously published in his blog, Around the Corner.

When I read this blog entry entitled, Can I Transfer Photo Albums Created On My iPad to My Windows PC? I couldn’t help but feel it was a bit short…here it is:

If you are using the Photos app to create albums on the iPad – those albums will not transfer to the PC.
Those albums do not actually contain the photos or copies of the photos. They merely have a pointer to the original photo in the photos app. The albums created in the Photos app are for local photo organization on the iPad only.
You can transfer photos but not albums.

While this is true, there are ways to make transferring photos organized in albums easy, regardless of Windows/Mac computer.

Approach #1 – Transferable App ($.99)
To transfer a photo album–not videos–from your iPad to a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, you simply need the right app. One of my favorite apps is Transferable, an app that allows you to connect via the IP address (e.g. of your iPad on a local area network. You simply type that address into your web browser on your computer…


and you’ll see the following:


Notice that you can get a zip file (compressed file) of all your iPad’s albums. This makes it child’s play to save your iPad Photo Albums to your computerwithout iTunes and a cable.

Approach #2 – Readdle Documents (free)
Ok, let’s say you’re a cheap-skate and don’t want to spend money on Transferable. You could use Readdle Documents, although it will take a few more taps. Simply go into Documents’ settings under FILE MANAGER and turn ON “Show Photos.” Now, you’ll be able to access the photos stored in various albums on your iPad.

You can save a copy of the photos/videos to your Documents folders, perhaps even creating folders to mirror the names of your Photo Albums. Once you’ve done that, you can zip those folders holding your photos, and connect to Readdle Documents via your WiFi network from a computer (just as you might have done with Transferable).

Approach #3 – Dropbox (free)
This approach works photo by photo, but it does get you a copy of all photos on your iPad to Dropbox and at that point, you can do whatever you want with them. Simply install the Dropbox app and allow it to put photos on your iPad into Dropbox. Even if you have a few hundred (or more) as I do, the process shouldn’t take TOO long.


Are there other ways to get this done? Yes, absolutely! Please share those in the comments. Maybe we can help the iPad Academy folks dig a bit deeper when providing answers to questions.

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