Logitech is amazing.

Image courtesy Logitech
Image courtesy Logitech

About two and a half years ago, I bought a Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX. Logitech makes some of the very best peripheral devices for computers and tablets, and this mouse and I have been through a lot together. I’ve used it heavily at home, in school, and on the road for years. The cursor tracks well on almost any surface imaginable, the wireless connection is robust enough to allow for control from across the room, the buttons and scrollwheel all respond crisply,  and the mouse lasts for months on a single set of AAs.

Unfortunately, recently, my right mouse button began acting up. Sometimes it would fail to respond, and if I held the button down, it would register as multiple clicks over time. The input from that button had become somehow “noisy” or “dirty.”

I contacted Logitech support, and after a few quick troubleshooting steps, the technician decided that there must be a hardware fault inside of the mouse. Because my 2.5-year-old purchase still fell under Logitech’s three-year warranty, they offered to ship me a brand-new unit for free.

Let’s get this straight: I had already gotten well more than $49 of use out of my old traveling companion over the years, but Logitech was willing to send me a brand-new one for free because it hadn’t quite made it to its third birthday.

Actually, I’m reminded of a similar incident which happened about a year ago. The USB receiver for my mouse came unglued over time and broke apart. (This isn’t terribly surprising– years of sitting plugged in in an exposed position and getting jostled about in various cases and laptop bags would take its toll on anything.) It’s possible to buy spare receivers, but I just let Logitech know that mine had broken under normal use, and they sent me another one for free.

So in addition to making incredibly solid, well-performing products, Logitech is practically the LL Bean of the electronics world: if something isn’t quite right, they make it right.

And that’s why I’m their customer.

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