I still want so badly to get a Nexus 7 for classroom usage.

In a brand-new review published earlier today, Ars Technica calls the Nexus 7 “cheaper than most, better than all” and states that “the new Nexus 7 … is now much faster, feels more sturdy in the hand, shouldn’t suffer from particularly bad performance degradation over time, and has a gorgeous screen that can go toe-to-toe with any tablet from any manufacturer at any price point… the Nexus 7 has once again set the bar for not just small Android tablets, but all small tablets from all ecosystems.”

First of all, Nexus tablets cost just a fraction of what iPads cost. At $229, the Nexus 7 costs $270 less than the most basic iPad and $100 less than the most basic iPad Mini. You can actually buy two Nexus 7s for the price of one iPad– and still have forty bucks to spare.

However, the old Nexus 7 had a mediocre screen and didn’t have a video-out port, and that really killed its potential for classroom use.

That’s changed now. With the new model, you’ve got an absolutely world-class screen for digital reading and grading, internet connectivity, a camera, about nine hours of battery life, the ability to hook the device up to a projector, and the option of using a full-size physical keyboard and mouse via a Bluetooth connection. What more could you want from a personal device for teaching purposes?

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