Amazon cuts classroom-ready Kindle Fire HD price to $179

Kindle Fire HD 7 (Source: Phandroid)
Kindle Fire HD 7 (Source: Phandroid)

Good news for those of you looking to try out your first tablet in the classroom: Amazon is running a Mother’s Day sale on its Kindle Fire HD tablets. The resulting price of $179 (using coupon code FIRE4MOM) significantly undercuts the competition, especially when it comes to tablets suitable for classroom use.

The needs of educators don’t always match the needs of general consumers. One critical thing to keep in mind when shopping for a tablet is the question of whether you can connect it to a projector for classroom use. Oddly, this is a feature which many tablets lack (I’m looking at you in particular, Nexus 7!). However, because the Kindle Fire HD series of tablets is designed to be media-friendly, there is indeed a micro-HDMI port for video output. If your projector or classroom monitor uses the old-style VGA cables, you just need to get the correct adapter. If your projector supports the modern HDMI standard, a simple Micro HDMI to HDMI cable will suffice. Here’s a video demonstrating how to set up the video connection with a television, though the same principles apply with a  projector:

Overall, I still recommend Google’s Nexus 10 as a professional device, but if price is a factor of overriding importance, you can’t do better than the Kindle Fire HD at the moment.

One worry that comes with every sale is that a better version of the product might be just around the corner, but this probably isn’t a stock-clearing sale. A refresh of the Kindle Fire HD line isn’t expected until September.


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