The 5 most popular posts on Future Imperfect

Our international audience.
Our international audience.

It’s been nearly three months since I wrote the inaugural post of this blog. In that time, over 4,000 unique visitors from 80 countries(!) have come to read the advice, tips, and opinions presented in these entries, including eight guest posts by five authors. Although the majority of visitors come from the United States, sizeable audiences exist in Canada, Spain, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, China, and India.

To cap this little retrospective, here’s a breakdown of our top five posts by unique pageviews:

PostUnique pageviews
10 Cell Phone Apps for Teachers1732
11 ways can supercharge your teaching843
A teacher’s complete guide to using Google Voice to collect classwork and homework576
Five clever ways tablets can make teachers’ lives easier536
Five ways QR codes can enhance your teaching and your classroom353


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